Todd Kortowich

Girls Program Director

Coach Todd

Quick Facts

Todd has coached just about every sport over the last 15 years: football, soccer, youth baseball and rec league basketball. But girls lacrosse has been his main focus since his daughter Allison picked up a stick in 7th grade. At that time, Todd was c0-creating the Avon Youth Lacrosse Association with a friend.

The youth organization was supposed to be for boys only. But Allison asked her dad if she could play too. Thinking her interest would fade, he told her to go to school and find a dozen girls who would take the leap into learning lacrosse with her. Knowing middle school is the time when girls drop out of sports in record numbers, he didn’t expect to ever hear about it again.
But in a single day, Allison came home with a list of 30 girls.
So with little support and zero experience, Todd launched the Avon Girls Youth Lacrosse Program for Allison and her friends to try the sport—and Todd, recognizing there was a serious shortage of girls lacrosse coaches and not finding anyone to lead—had to learn the sport, too. He was reluctant to dive in at first and searched desperately for qualified coaches to take the job. They simply didn’t exist. After two seasons. Todd realized that he could learn X’s and O’s, and his coaching philosophies could transfer. He also discovered that girls—no offense to the boys—were a joy to coach.
Todd led the girls youth program until Allison was in 10th grade, when he took the head coach position for the newly recognized Avon High School varsity team, a role he still holds today.
During high school, Allison joined a local travel team where Todd also began to coach. Again, he recognized a need for a stronger program in Northeast Ohio with clear parent communication, better athlete empowerment, a fiercely passionate coaching staff, and a supportive and nurturing team-focused culture. And so he launched Burning River Girls Lacrosse.
Ask Todd what the mantra is for Burning River and he’ll tell you:
Every Player Known And Loved.
Today, Todd runs the BR program year round while still working full-time. Allison graduated in 2019 and plays D1 lacrosse at Kent State University. She spends her summers coaching for BR and, as a fashion major, designs all the team uniforms. Todd’s son John just graduated in 2021 from Avon High School as a four-year varsity player and is committed to play D2 men’s lacrosse at Walsh University. John has joined the BR coaching staff as well and is the “chief stick stringer.”
Welcome to the family.